Wild Horses of Corolla '16 - NUZZLE ME!

A day at the beach - how sweet it is!

Morphing Sunset

Believe it or not, two nights ago we had a sunset that went from gorgeous shades of yellow to the hottest pinks, purples 'n' grays, ever! What an amazing gift from Momma Nature. We are so thankful for our lakeside views.


Today on Wanaksink!

 Please visit my sister blog, Color Me Inspired, for details about our amazing morning, here on Golden Pond!


The Winter of Zoji Fruitbreads

If you visit my sister blog linked to the right, you'll find lots of recipe info. These breads are delicious and nutritious… legal, if you will. This one has peach yogurt, Gala apples, raisins and cacao nibs in it. A Zojirushi isn't mandatory, but it sure makes baking a mess-less breeze.

Buon Appetito!


Neil Diamond Is In My Garden

That's right! Neil Diamond irises are bloomin' away, multiplying just as they should and resplendent in raindrops.